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The following links are a general overview of various Alberto Ríos references and resources on the web.  This is a sampling, not a comprehensive list.


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ASU English: Alberto Ríos on Día de los Muertos (video)

ASU Alumni Magazine: Poesía del Sol Outreach Project  ( 2 )

ASU Department of English

ASU Department of Transborder

ASU Herberger College: “Public Art at ASU: Moving Poems”  ( 2 )  ( 3 )

ASU Libraries: “FORO 2007” Keynote Address  ( 2 )

ASU Magazine: “Art on a Cart”

ASU Magazine: Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing opening

ASU News: Capirotada  (2-2-09)

ASU News: Capirotada  (3-11-09)

ASU Research Magazine

Latino Perspectives Magazine

Narrative Magazine

PEN American Center

Phoenix Public Library: “The Matthew Shepard Renga Project: A Community Poem”


Poetry Daily

The Quirk

The Writer’s Almanac

Verse Daily

Young Writers Program: The Border Project





ASU Department of English

     Alberto Ríos on Día de los Muertos

     City of Chandler Celebration of Unity  (Keynote Address)

     Governor Janet Napolitano’s inauguration: “A Sustainable Courage” (Poem)  ( 2 )

     PBS: “Poet’s Work Chronicles a Couple’s Love”

ASU Libraries: “FORO 2007: Librarians for the 21st Century”  (Keynote Address)

PBS: The Lehrer Online NewsHour





A Marrow of Water (Poem)

Lisandro Speaks But Inside Himself To his Wife (Poem)

Nani (Poem)

Refugio’s Hair (Poem)

The Online NewsHour

The Writer’s Almanac: “In Second Grade Miss Lee I Promised Never to Forget You and I Never Did (Poem, read by Garrison Keillor)

The Writer’s Almanac: “Summers, About 1959” (Poem, read by Garrison Keillor)

The Writer’s Almanac: “The Dog Inside Mine” (Poem, read by Garrison Keillor)



Interviews  See also: interviews


AARP Segunda Juventud

Américas Review

ASU Research Magazine: Discovering the Alphabet of Life  ( 2 )  ( 3 )

Bloomsbury Review  ( 2 )  ( 3 )

Bloomsbury Review


Glimmer Train

Northwest Arkansas Community College  ( 2 )

Red Rock Review

The Online NewsHour





A Man then Suddenly Stops Moving

A Physics of Sudden Light

A Small Motor  ( 2 )

A Song of the Old Days

A Sustainable Courage  (Second Inaugural Poem)

A Yellow Leaf  ( 2 )  ( 3 )


Arizona, the Sun, and What That’s Like

Border Lines/Líneas Fronterizas

Clemente, In Love, Speaks to Himself in the Mirror

Coffee in the Afternoon

Dark-Haired Men

Day of the Refugios  ( 2 )

El Esplendor

England Finally, Like My Mother Always Said We Would

Explaining a Husband

Five Indiscretions

Gathering House

Having Eaten That Way Again

Her Secret Love, Whispered Late in Her Years

I Heard Him with My Back

Lisandro Speaks But Inside Himself to His Wife

Mason Jars by the Window

Mi Abuelo


Mr. Luna’s Plum Tree

My Husband Clemente

Nani  ( 2 )


On the Bumpers of the Fast Cars in the High School Parking Lot

Pictures Looked At Once More

Rabbits and Fire

Refugio’s Hair


Some Extensions on the Sovereignty of Science

Teodoro Luna Confesses After Years to His Brother, Anselmo the Priest, Who Is Required to Understand, But Who Understands Anyway, More Than People Think

Teodoro Luna’s Two Kisses  ( 2 )

The Chair She Sits In  ( 2 )

The Cities Inside Us  ( 2 )

The Good Lunch of Oceans

The Injured Thumb

The Lime Orchard Woman

The Night of No Airplanes

The Night Would Grow Like a Telescope Pulled Out

The Pomegranate and the Big Crowd  ( 2 )

The Song of His Hands

Tuesday Soup

Our Other Man

What a Boy Can Do




The Iguana Killer  ( 2 )

Then They’d Watch Comedies





The Night of No Airplanes (Essay on 9-11 events)

ASU Artists Respond (Website)

Phoenix Metro Area Population Comparisons (Census Comparisons)

West Real  (Introduction to Ploughshares)





American Passages

ASU Department of English

American Poetry Review (photographs)

The Academy of American Poets

NationMaster Encyclopedia

Norton Poets Online


Poetry Foundation

The Online NewsHour




Critical Response  (For book reviews, see individual books)


Columbia Companion to the Twentieth Century American Short Story

Contemporary American Ethnic Poets

Cultura, Lenguage, y Representación/Culture, Language, and Representation

Dictionary of Literary Biography


Journal of Language and Literature (“My Father and the Snow”)

Tracing Borders: The Poems of Alberto Ríos

Up Against the Border




Anyone interested in suggesting further citations, please email Ríos—with his many thanks.

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