You want to let the reader know what you're doing.  Epigraphs at the beginning of each section may be useful to the reader, though section numbers may be enough of a prompt.  The manuscript as a whole might include a single, guiding epigraph.

  • ADVICE. If you choose to use an epigraph, whatever you choose make sure you consider what helps the reader most to both keep reading and to understand that reading as fully as possible.  Don't use epigraphs to amuse or indulge yourself rather than serve your reader.
  • Watch out for overwhelming epigraphs and quotations.  If they are wonderful and astounding--what does that do for your work?  What keeps us from going and reading the other writer?  Be wise.
  • The more subtle the guide, as long as it is effective, the bigger the bonus you have to reap.  The act of discovery is always the reader's greatest contribution to the poem or story.