A map comparing the populations of various Valley communities to

cities around the world whose populations are numerically similar.

Phoenix Metropolitan Area:

A World City Population Comparison

According to Census 2000

The following cities have populations over 100,000.

Phoenix is bigger than Milan, Puebla, Hyderâbâd, Stockholm, Pretoria, Munich, Sofia, Beirut,
          and Hiroshima.
Mesa is bigger than Manchester, Edinburgh, Auckland, Bologna, Samarkand, Tel Aviv, Nice, Zurich,
          Córdoba, and Bonn.
Glendale is bigger than Bordeaux, Trieste, Southampton, Rennes, Hitachi, and Barcelona.
Scottsdale is bigger than Hobart, Bergen, Oviedo, Windhoek, Pristina, Aberdeen, Cork, and Reims.
Chandler is bigger than Cartagena, Portsmouth, Norwich, Geneva, Swansea, Tapachula, Wellington, and
Tempe is bigger than Salamanca, Oyama, Grenoble, Nogales, Dundee, Dijon, Blackpool, Salerno, Cádiz,
          and Heidelberg.
Gilbert is bigger than Coimbra, Daska, Butterworth, Hidalgo, Yushan, Puerto Plata, Koblenz, and Navojoa.
Peoria is bigger than Zacatecas, Portmore, Northampton, Rouen, Livingstone, Guaymas, and San
          Cristóbal de las Casas.

All of these cities are bigger than Nancy, France.

                 According to Census 2000: Actual Population Statistics

Phoenix (1,321,045) is bigger than:
          Milan, Italy (1,301,576), Puebla, Mexico (1,286,315), Hyderâbâd, Pakistan (1,243,696), Stockholm,
          Sweden (1,226,201), Pretoria, South Africa (1,206,947), Munich, Germany (1,170,127), Sofia,
          Bulgaria (1,138,101), Beirut, Lebanon (1,135,825), and Hiroshima, Japan (1,128,254).

Mesa (396,375) is bigger than:
          Manchester, England (382,618), Edinburgh, Scotland (382,624), Auckland, New Zealand (381,005),
          Bologna, Italy (380,724), Samarkand, Uzbekistan (371,830), Tel Aviv, Israel (347,951), Nice, France
          (336,261), Zurich, Switzerland (334,337), Córdoba, Spain (314,809), Bonn, Germany (310,426).

Glendale (218,812) is bigger than:
          Bordeaux, France (216,105), Trieste, Italy (215,494), Southampton, England (211,469), Rennes,
          France (209,440), Hitachi, Japan (209,044), and Barcelona, Spain (209,035).

Scottsdale (202,705) is bigger than:
          Hobart, Australia (202,657), Bergen, Norway (200,204), Oviedo, Spain (198,441), Windhoek,
          Namibia (192,340), Pristina, Kosovo, Yugoslavia (190,530), Aberdeen, Scotland (188,526), Cork,
          Ireland (186,367), and Reims, France (185,932).

Chandler (176,581) is bigger than:
          Cartagena, Spain (176,381), Portsmouth, England (176,283), Norwich, England (173,213), Geneva,
          Switzerland (172,851), Swansea, Wales (170,653), Tapachula, Mexico (170,287), Wellington, New
          Zealand (167,402), and Cienfuegos, Cuba (165,766).

Tempe (158,625) is bigger than:
          Salamanca, Spain (156,878), Oyama, Japan (155,773), Grenoble, France (154,496), Nogales, Sonora,
          Mexico (150,634), Dundee, Scotland (148,857), Dijon, France (148,698), Blackpool, England
          (147,451), Salerno, Italy (142,056), Cádiz, Spain (140,811), and Heidelberg, Germany (138,399).

Gilbert (109,697) is bigger than:
          Coimbra, Portugal (109,687), Daska, Pakistan (109,648), Butterworth, Malaysia (109,609), Hidalgo,
          Mexico (109,410), Yushan, China (109,348), Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (108,839), Koblenz,
          Germany (108,750), and Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico (108,572).

Peoria (108,364) is bigger than:
          Zacatecas, Mexico (108,245), Portmore, Jamaica (108,176), Northampton, England (106,349),
          Rouen, France (105,698), Livingstone, Zambia (105,152), Guaymas, Mexico (104,138), San
          Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico (103,530),

All of these cities are bigger than Nancy, France (103,421).

U.S. Census Bureau, for Arizona cities, and The World Gazetteer, for world cities, according to the latest information and sources available (see sites for further discussion).

Primary Source:
U.S. Census Bureau Census 2000
with additional demographics from
The World Gazetteer for world cities.