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girls with parasol Gloria Swanson a good cry fancy hat
Parasols Gloria Chin Up Fancy Hat
Casual Pair 1924 Chrysler Roadster a sheik at the zoo
Fashionable Pair Chrysler, 1924 A Sheik At the Zoo
A Tango Bathing Beauty Babe Ruth Gimme a little kiss
Tango Bathing Beauty Babe Ruth A Little Kiss
butter and egg man Basic Beads A Modern Miracle real '20s high school football
Butter'n Egg Man Basic Beads Beauty Ad Iowa Football, 1929
party girl
Basic Shape
step-ins a spring suit
Texas Guinan Silhouette Step-ins Romance
pensive girl Lou Gehrig dress design Mother and Child
Prosaic Lou Gehrig Designer Dresses A Little Treat
puppy love Beauty Ad rearview evening coat
Puppy Love Basic Haircut Back view Evening Wear
May/December Full Figured aviatrix duffer
May/December Full Figured Aviatrix Duffer

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