This site is dedicated to my father, who attended high school in Red Oak, Iowa during the 1920s -- and never threw anything away.


Artwork from this site comes either from a clip-art collection I shelled out some bucks for, my father's photo-album-and-general-packrat collection, and my own little hand. It is tremendously easy to tell which is which. I use Adobe Illustrator when artistically inclined (free plug). And I'm not kidding about my father -- that high school football team photo is his team!


The music is all midi collected from Laura's Midi Heaven. She had a thorough cleaning of any copyright "iffy" pieces a while back, and what's left there is safe for personal sites. Heartfelt thanks to all the folks who posted the results of their musical talent there. If I get ambitious enough to add wav files, at that time I will not use more than a minute and will post full artist/title here. I also have some of the old records belonging to my father that might eventually become wav files. (First, I gotta find a really old record player. . .)

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