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I teach courses on the philosophy of science, epistemology, rational choice, logic, the history of science, and sometimes other topics.  The courses are offered by the Philosophy Program in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, or by the History and Philosophy of Science Program in the School of Life Sciences, often both.


During the 2019 Fall semester I am on research leave.

Registered students will find the course websites under MyASU.

My current office hours are posted here.



Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy     An online philosophy encyclopedia.

The Philosopher's Index     Link to the online Index through ASU Library.  Requires authorized access.

JSTOR     An online archive of journal articles.  Requires authorized access; from off-campus login to the ASU Library first.

PhilSci Archive     Preprints on philosophy of science are posted here.

PhilPapers     Online directory of philosophical articles.

The Reasoner     Online monthly publication on current topics related to reasoning.


MacTutor History of Mathematics archive     Many biographies of mathematicians and scientists; other articles too.

Tutorial: Finding Information on the Internet     From the UC Berkeley Teaching Library.