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This is the home page for the Computers in Geology course of the Department of Geology at Arizona State University.

Table of Contents

Course documents
Some relevant and generally useful links
Laboratory systems documents
Lecture links
Lab Links
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Introductory Flyer
Preliminary Syllabus
Submitting Assignments and Other Documents Through Electronic Mail
Information on the Term Project
Your Mars Links
Using Appleshare and Your AFS Space
Setting up your personal web pages
Geographic Information Systems Primer
Dealing with WWW homepage creation problems

Final talk order

Student Web Pages

Some relevant and generally useful links

Internet Public Library (introduction to computing, the Internet, and some other useful general resources)
John Butler's web page at the Univeristy of Houston (Get through the funny stuff about moles and there are links to a Mac and PC version of his Short Course. It show examples of the header sizes, etc. and what all the various open/close commands mean.)
Some (very limited) resources for writing

Internet citation

Look at this link for some discussion about how to reference and cite things from the Internet

Laboratory systems documents

Switching between Windows95 and Macintosh environments
Printing from Windows 95
Using CD-Rom discs and drives
HP ScanJet 4c Specifications
Using the HP ScanJet 4c Scanner with the HP DeskScan II software


Assignment 1 (Web surfing, Mars links, and search engines) Due by Wednesday, September 3 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 2 (How Computers Work) Due by Wednesday, September 10 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 3 (Bill Gates and The Road Ahead) Due by Friday, September 12 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 4 (GEOREF Searching) Due by Friday, September 19 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 5 (Endnote and citations) Due by Wednesday, October 1 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 6 (Regression for earthquake magnitudes using Kaleidagraph) Due by Friday, October 18 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 7 (Scanning and manipulating rasters in Photoshop and Optical Character Recognition using Omnipage Pro) Due by Friday, October 31 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 8 (Preparing a Powerpoint presentation) Due by Friday, November 14 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 9 (Making your own web pages) Due by Wednesday, November 26 at the beginning of class.
Assignment 10 (Perspective views of topography in Mathematica) Due by Friday, December 10 at the beginning of class.

Lecture links

8/27; Introduction to Computing in Geology and basic lab operations
8/29; Introduction to Networking
9/3; How computers work
9/5; Computer connectivity and geologic research and teaching
9/10; Operating systems--Part I
9/10; Operating systems--Part II (Redirection in UNIX)
9/12; Searching for references using the ASU Libraries and GEOREF
9/17; Microsoft Office and Word
9/19; Using Endnote to generate and manage a bibliographic database
9/22; Introduction to Spreadsheets in Geology and Microsoft Excel
10/1; Using the Solver in Microsoft Excel for Geological Problems
10/8; Visualizing geologic information: Graphing and charting geologic data using Deltagraph Pro
10/10; Considering your data
10/15; Databases and Filemaker Pro--guest lecture by Chris Skiba
10/22; Bitmap graphics--guest lecture by Don Burt
10/24; Digital imaging
10/28+10/31; Computer Assisted Drafting and Autocad
11/5; Digitizing, drafting, and Canvas 5
11/7; Presentation preparation using Microsoft Powerpoint
11/12; Using a GIS
11/14; Internet, implications of Cyberspace for geologic practice: HTML
11/19; Creating web pages
11/21; Image maps in web pages
11/21; java
11/26; Mathematica and the hardware store
11/26; A Beginner's Guide to Mathematica
12/3; Formatting notebooks, evaluating equations, and plotting in Mathematica
12/5; 3D visualization in Mathematica

Lab Links

8/28; Getting familiar with the laboratory
9/3 and 4; Hardware challenge
9/10 and 11; Operating systems and UNIX Introduction
9/17 and 18; Microsoft Word and the outline for your final assignment
9/24 and 9/25; Exploring Microsoft Excel
10/1 and 10/2; Using the Microsoft Excel Solver to Investigate Problems in Geology
10/8 and 10/9; Using Deltagraph Pro to Visualize Problems in Geology
11/5 and 11/6; Making large posters for presentation to be plotted on the HP755CM
11/12 and 13; Geographic Information Systems demonstrated with ArcView 3.0b
11/26 and 12/2; Mathematica Lab Info (lab assignment under "Hardware Store")
12/3 and 4; Working with equations and plotting in Mathematica

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