GLG 451: Field Geology I

Spring 2007

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2016 Class Announcement
2016 Class Briefing
January 26 Lecture with additions from class
Structural Geology lecture on Fabric, Foliation, Lineation
February 2 Lecture (some redundancy from last week's lecture)
March 2:
  1. Suggestions for writing: Have a look at the suggestions on this page: Suggestions for writing style improvement
  2. Assignment due at class time March 9, 2007:
    Based on the observations you made at Spine Canyon, write the following in a single report less than 2 pages long: Rock descriptions of the Purple unit ("Tuff of White Canyon) and the Orange unit ("Apache Leap Tuff"). In addition, provide a comprehensive, but to the point, paragraph describing the entire geologic history of the Spine Canyon area.
  3. Information for Spring Break Field Work:

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Instructions for Field Geology I Spring Break Paper
Grading rubric for Field Geology I Spring Break Paper
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Field Pictures

Dreamy Draw and Cave Creek 2007
Spine Canyon 2007
Arnett Creek Group Photo 2007

Nice pictures from Erin Orwig

Spine Canyon

Brian at Contact
Cactus in the Creek
Hard at Work
Morning View from the Campsite
The Cars at Camp

Arnette Creek

Folded Escabrosa Limestone on Hwy77
Megan and the 3690 Hill View East
Megan Sketching on Knob Above Dogs Head_1
Offset Along a Fault [View NE]
View West from Arnette Creek Hills

Possibly useful links

Miner's Inc.--good supplier of equipment!
Cool Aluminum clipboard cover

From prior classes

Photographs from Spring Break mapping exercises in 2006

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