Explanation of files from 2_13_97 Survey for Field Geophysics

Note that this is an update.
I have combined the data from the three weeks of surveys.

The data are in the instructor volumes in the 2_13_97Surveying folder.

Note that these data are also in our instructor volume. To connect,
select Chooser from the Apple menu on a networked macintosh
Click on Appleshare and Go to Instructor volumes zone
Select IT Instructional, and then use
user: glg416
password: glg416
select the glg416 folder when the volume is mounted on the desktop.

Here is what we have for files:
Raw survey files from total stations (note that we added a new station across the river, station 3):
file01.gsi file02.gsi file03.gsi
Modified raw files:
file01.raw file02.raw file03.raw Modified *.gsi to delete horizontal and vertical angles and the slope length so that the Easting, Northing, and Elevations are in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions on each line.

Cleaned and concatenated raw file (fixed the coding and saving errors at the beginning. Note that I added 1000 to the points from station 1 to differentiate them from those from station 2, and that we added 2000 to the points surveyed from station 2 on 2_13_97):

Processed field file from LisCad (this one has the locations and elevations in a readable format. Use it to start gravity processing).
These data have the following columns separated by spaces:
block number some number point number easting northing elevation code

Note that the Easting and Northings are right now (3:32 pm, 2/5/97) in truncated UTM (WGS 84 ellipsoid) meters. To get UTM,
add 3699000 to the northing value
add 413000 to get the easting value

Graphics (note that the canvas file is in the instructor volume):
Also note on the graphics the terrain correction circle, and note that it is not the same scale as the one that fits the 2_6_97 data!!!