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The HP ScanJet 4c Scanner

The Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4c scanner is capable of scanning black and white and color drawings, photographs and text at high (up to200dpi) resolution. The HP ScanJet 4c scanner includes the HP DeskScan II scanning software for scanning images, optical character recognition (OCR) software for scanning text into an editable format, image editing software for midifying the images you scan, and Visioneer PaperPort software for distributing scanned documents into a variety of formats.


Scanner Type


Maximum document size

8.5 " x 14 "

Scanning element

charged-coupled device

Light source

single fluorescent lamp



Optical resolution

600 dpi

Selectable resolution

12 to550 dpi at 100% scaling

Scanning speed*

600 dpi: 30 seconds

300 dpi: 7.5 seconds

200 dpi: 3.3 seconds

(based on A4 or letter size, not including lamp calibration time of approx. 3.5 seconds)

Scanning modes

1-bit (black and white)

4-bit (16 greyscale levels)

8-bit (256 greyscale levels)

10-bit internal (1024 greyscale levels) automatically mapped to optimal 8-bit, or full 10-bit

24-bit (16.7 million colors)

30-bit internal automatically mapped to optimal 24-bit or full 30-bit

Image processing modes

dithering, thresholding, gamma adjustment, mirroring, data inversion, filtering, color correction, scaling, interpolation

AC line voltage

100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

49 W max


20.7 lb