Here are a few pictures of Karma Kitty

Karma Kitty was a legend. She passed away sadly on May 25, 2009. May she rest in peace. We loved her so much.

Here was Karma in summer 1998:

Here she is in June 1999:

Here she is at Christmas 2000:

Here she is helping me drink the foam on my Optimator (28 May 2001):

Here is Karma in spring 2003:

Here is Karma in spring 2005 (some are with Flat Stanley):

Here are instructions on how to care for her: Instructions

Here are some pictures from my parents:
Sonny:  Cher:  Sigmund: 

Dad and Billie:  The Geese: 

Here are the cats of H2:
Aida:  Jake: 

here are Jana's kitties:
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