Movies and ps2gif

> From: Malte Thoma 
> Subject: making movies

> recently here has been a discussion about movies.
> I have not followed them completly and so I have some questions to the
> process:
> 1.  making postscript pictures with the gmtprogramms  (no problem)
> 2. When I use (my version) of ps2gif I have two problems:
>         a) Im allways been asked
>                 >>showpage, press  to continue<<
>               thats not very nice if you have >100 pictures
Make sure your gs command in ps2gif has "-dNOPAUSE -dNO_PAUSE" in it - that
stops it from pausing at the showpage.

>         b) The quality is not very high :-(
My ps2gif has the option of -density xxx, where xxx is the pixel density
(default 72, can be set to 300 to match GMT plot default resolution).
I've included my version in this message.

> 3. After I have >100 .gif files (orderd in the directory) how to make a
> mpeg movie from them?
No idea - I make animated gifs that are viewable in "xanim" and Netscape
using a program called "gifmerge". (  To
get them in order: gifmerge `ls -1 *.gif | sort -n | awk '{printf "%s ",$1}'`.

Ben Horner-Johnson


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