Some ghostscript tidbits: Cleaning postscript and converting to pdf

Converting postscript to pdf:
gs -sOutputFile=joe.pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite

Incomplete postscript (only 3 out of five pages that I can see in
oztex end up in the postscript file).

I would guess that you just hit one of the many flaws of the MacOS.  If
the figures are drafted on the Mac, the newlines are saved as different
characters as the PC or UNIX.  This causes a problem when you try to
compile a Mac drafted figure on a PC or the UNIX machine, as it cannot
read a single line that is 100 billion characters long without running
out of memory.  I would check your error log to see if this is what you
are getting.  Also, another problem you might be having is the faculty
resource room has been dropping postscript these days for some reason (I
have printed identical files on your printer and the "resource" printer,
and files come out fine on yours but not on the other).  If the problem
is the former, there are two solutions you might try:
1) convert the file from a postscript to a postscript file with
gs -sDEVICE=epswrite
2) open the ai or postscript files in PC Illustrator and resave them.
--from G. Hilley
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Last modified January 30, 2000