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Monday Keynote

Embedded Market: Challenges and Opportunities

There is a convergence trend in the computing, communication and consumer markets and with a forecast of an additional 1 billion connected computing users by 2015, it is of high value to provide a common experience between the devices. Intel.s vision of Compute Continuum will enable the users to realize the potential of a seamless cross-device experience with more consistency and accessibility to their information. The convergence trend and the Compute Continuum make System-on-Chip (SoC) a key ingredient for the embedded markets. At Intel Labs, we are focusing on delivering differentiating technology solutions to enable our business partners to successfully capture their targeted market segments. We are working on a variety of research that will enable modular system architecture and silicon technology breakthroughs for rapid customization and integration facilitating faster time-to-market. Intel's vision along with some technology challenges and possible solutions will be highlighted.

Vida Ilderem, Vice President, Intel Labs, Director, Integrated Platform Research Lab

Vida Ilderem is vice president of Intel Labs and director of the Integrated Platform Research Lab for Intel Corporation. The research lab focuses on deep integration on highly integrated platform-on-chip architectures as well as digital, analog and physical design factors. Prior to joining Intel, Ilderem served as vice president of Systems and Technology Research at Motorola's Applied Research and Technology Center where she led research efforts that focused on delivering solutions for the next generation of communication and interaction technologies and integrated systems. She has also held the position of vice president of Physical & Digital Realization with focus on visual, computational and physical technologies, and served as director of RF/IF silicon technologies within Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector. Ilderem holds 27 issued patents and has been featured in numerous publications. She is a recipient of the Motorola's Distinguished Innovator Award. Ilderem holds bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering and physics from Fresno State and a master's degree and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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