Here's how to play...


  • a blindfold (a bandanna, a piece of fabric, or something that can cover your eyes so you can't see anything)


    With your partner, decide who will be the leader and who will be the follower first (you'll get to switch later). The leader should tie the blindfold onto the follower. The leader will be responsible for the follower's safety. If you don't trust your partner to keep you safe, maybe you should pick another activity to try.


    The leader, without using words, should lead the follower on a journey through a haunted house. You don't actually have to be in a haunted house, it works anywhere (the point is the person in the blindfold won't know, they can't see!). Lead your follower around outside. You can make the sounds of the haunted house. For example, you might lead them over some rocks and tell them the crunching sound is dead bugs. Take them through a garage and bang on metal things (NOT cars, please) and tell them that they are deep in a dungeon in the house. Make ghost sounds and creaking stair sounds. After about 5 minutes, have your follower take off the blindfold. Could they guess where they were going?


    Switch roles. You can choose another journey besides a haunted house if you want. Some suggestions: a magical palace, the most expensive store in the world, the north pole, the rainforest.


    What kinds of things did the follower imagine on their journey? What were some of their favorite sounds and images?

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