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Character Building



Look at the people around you. Go to a public place where there are lots of people and watch what kinds of things they do. Let's say you watch a guy like the guy in this drawing. He has plenty of interesting features. Pick one interesting thing about him: Is it his walk, nose, hair (or lack of it), ears, voice, eyebrows, clothing? Let's pretend we pick his loud, colorful clothes.


Pretend this one interesting physical feature is yours. Now we wear bright clothes. Walk around the room and imagine you are wearing that bow tie and bright shirt. How does it make you walk? How do you sit down? What is your voice like? Introduce yourself to an imaginary friend. Remember, everything has to be based on the fact that you wear bright, silly clothes.

How does this CHARACTERISTIC affect what you like to do? Your age? Your job? Decide where your character lives and imagine you are there.


Still as this character, make a phone call to your mother. Tell her about your day. What kinds of things does this character worry about? Where did he/she go today? Who did he/she meet?

Pick another feature and see what character you can build from that one thing.

How many different characters can you make in 2 minutes?

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