Here's how to play...


Choose one person to be the conductor (choir director) and the rest of the group should arrange themselves in rows in front of her/him (like the choir in this picture below).


The conductor should make up goofy sounds that are nothing like singing for the choir to make. Like, maybe the conductor could have the choir say "Woop! Woop! Woop!" really fast. The conductor should make up a gesture to go along with the sound. He/she can lead the choir by doing the gesture so the choir knows what sound to make. The conductor can also raise his/her arms to signal how loud the choir should be (arms high=loud, arms low=soft). The conductor should come up with a clear signal for the choir to stop making noise, too (like drawing one finger across their throat to say "cut").


See what kind of songs the conductor can create with this strange choir. Switch conductors and make up new sounds!

Kitty Wants a Corner No Worries VCR Nightmare

Conductor (Mr. Holland from Mars) Status Poker

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