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Practice your GIBBERISH! What's that? Well, technically it's communicating in colorful sounds that don't have to be words. For example, if you wanted to communicate going out to play without saying "I'm going out to play," how could you let a friend know what you wanted while ONLY saying "blah blah blah?" Try communicating only with the word "blah." Try to communicate the following sentences:

I'm hungry and I want you to cook dinner for me.

Boy, do you have a big zit on your face!

Look over there, I think that person is cute and they like you!

I lost my wallet and I can't find it.

There was a really big monster here a second ago, and we'd better hide!


With a friend, create your own gibberish communication (using more than "blah"). Work on creating sounds that sound like a DISTINCT LANGUAGE. This helps you form CLEAR SENTENCES (even though they're meaningless!) which improves the ability of others to figure out what you mean. Try saying some of the following sentences to each other and decide what they mean. How many different meanings can you make from these:

"Gweeb! Neeb nop nork fop fob la proo!"

"La gee grab nabble lip quip scrunge la quack."

"Zar zar far quar mar nar shellac."

"Frem oogle oop fing fang. Shlop looble la ling lang."

Write some of your own sentences and try them, too!


Pretend you and your friend are at a restaurant. One of you is the waiter or cashier and the other is the customer. Create a scene (entirely in gibberish) where you communicate coming in to the restaurant, finding a table, sitting down, ordering drinks, ordering food, serving food, eating food, and paying the check. Invite someone to watch and see if they can tell who and where you are!

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