Here's how to play...


Stand in a big circle. Pick a person to be "the Kitty" (being Kitty is fun in this game, but if nobody wants to, usually I pick the person who was the last to arrive to be "it"). Kitty is a tomcat who doesn't have a place to live in the circle, so this game is about finding an open space.


Kitty should go into the center, and walk right up to a person in circle (about 1 foot away from them) and say, "Kitty wants a corner." They are asking if they can have a space. The Person the Kitty chooses should then point to someone else in the circle and say, "Next door neighbor." They don't want to give up their space, so they're sending the kitty down the street. Kitty then goes to the new person and the same thing happens (they say "kitty wants a corner").


The other circle members will try to switch places in the circle. Do this by signaling each other so that Kitty can't see what you're doing, because Kitty will try to sense when you move and "steal" any open space. The person left without a space is the new "Kitty." Watch out though: sometimes people are "bad neighbors," and they'll try to get you to switch places with you but then they won't run, and you'll be trapped!


What kind of feelings do you have during this game? How did you feel when you didn't know if you would have a space or not? Did anyone not trust anyone in the circle?

Kitty Wants a Corner No Worries VCR Nightmare

Conductor (Mr. Holland from Mars) Status Poker

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