Here's how to make...


  • Poster board, cardstock, or cardboard from a cereal box (but empty it first)


  • Glue: Mod Podge, or if you can't find it, white glue thinned with a little tiny bit of water


  • Glue brushes (cheap sponge paintbrushes are good and you can find them at almost any hardware store)


  • Craft sticks (like popsicle sticks)


  • Masking tape


  • Scissors
  • Paper fasteners (sometimes they're called "brads," you can find them where you find office supplies)


  • Variety of magazines (especially nature or sports magazines)
  • Hole punch
  • Water for clean-up


Find pictures you like in your magazines and tear them out. Cut out the pictures so there's about an inch of extra space around them.


Brush glue onto the back of your picture and stick it on some poster board or cardstock or cereal box cardboard (you might thin the glue with some water first). Brush glue on top of your picture, too. Let it dry. If you want your picture to have moving parts, you can cut your picture into parts now. You can mix parts of one picture with another one (like put a moose's head on a fashion model).


Cut out your picture with detail (get close to the picture this time). Punch holes in any parts you have and attach them to your "body" with paper fasteners (it's okay if you don't want moving parts, too). Tape a stick to the back of your picture with masking tape. Now you have made a puppet! It might look something like this:


When you move your puppets think about how the speed of your movements affects your puppet's personality. As you move them make sure your focus is on your puppet. Try some simple and slow movements first and ask a friend to check and make sure they can see what your puppets are doing. Remember, two dimensional puppets can only move back and forth or up and down--they can't turn sideways or they'll disappear! Quick, jerky movements will make moving parts wiggle. Find some music that you like. Play your music and make a "music video" by moving your puppets to the sound. Make a "stage" by sitting behind a couch or a sheet you've hung in a doorway. If you can find a video camera, have a friend record you and make a video!

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