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Without changing any part of your object, see if you can make characters. For example, can you hold a banana and, without changing it, move it to make it look alive? Hold the banana in the middle and make it walk on a table top. Can it run? Can it tiptoe and sneak up on something else? Can it dance? How about ice skating? What kind of voice does a banana creature have? Make it introduce itself to you. What does your banana do for a living? Make it go to work. How does it get to work? Does it fly in a spaceship colander? Use your whole arm to move the banana. Count how many ways can you make it move and come alive (and remember, don't change it and don't eat it!).


Use as many objects as you need to create a frozen picture of the following words: Wedding, Vacation, Dinner, Gardening, School, a Fight. How can you arrange your kitchen stuff to show these situations? Make up some new situations. How many places can you create with your kitchen stuff?


What is a puppet? Decide on a definition. Explain why or why not your kitchen objects are puppets.

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