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New link! -really comprehensive source! Great book list, too.

Creative Drama Literature Review from AAAE - books and more books

Theater & Children - benefits of theater with children

AATE (The American Alliance for Theatre in Education) - the best spot to network with practitioners of creative drama in the schools (join! join! join!)

ArtsEdNet - this site is primarily concerned with visual arts but it is linked to advocacy organizations and some fantastic lesson plans for the arts.

Virtual Theater - Neat new project out of Stanford which aims to provide a multi-media environment in which children can play creative roles associated with producing and performing plays and stories in an improvisational theater company.

The Improv Page - Linked to more exercises, resources, and groups who perform "improv comedy," very closely related to creative drama (we use the same books a lot of the time).

Recommended Books on Creative Drama and Related Subjects

Boal, Augusto. Games for Actors and Non-Actors

Bolton, Gavin. Towards a Theory of Drama in Education, Drama as Education

Booth, David. Storydrama: Reading, Writing, and Roleplaying Across the Curriculum

Chapman, Gerald. Teaching Young Playwrights

Courtney, Richard. Play, Drama and Thought: The Intellectual Background to Dramatic Education

Heathcote, Dorothy and Gavin Bolton. Drama For Learning

Heinig, Ruth Beall. Creative Drama for the Classroom Teacher.

Kase-Polisini, Judith. The Creative Drama Book: Three Approaches

McCaslin, Nellie. Creative Drama in the Classroom

O'Neill, Cecily and Alan Lambert. Drama Structures

Robinson, Ken ed. Exploring Theatre and Education

Rosenberg, Helene. Creative Drama and Imagination

Salazar, Laura Gardner. Teaching Dramatically, Learning Thematically

Saldana, Johnny. Drama of Color: Improvisation with Multiethnic Folklore

Siks, Geraldine Brain. Drama With Children

Slade, Peter. Child Drama

Spolin, Viola. Improvisation for the Theatre

Wagner, Betty Jane. Dorothy Heathcote: Drama as a Learning Medium

Ward, Winifred. Playmaking with Children

Watkins, Brian. Drama and Education

Way, Brian. Development Through Drama

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