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Scar Stories



Sit down across from a good friend. One at a time, point out a scar on your body and explain how you got it. See who has more scars! Each of you can keep track of them all by writing them down on a piece of paper.


Remember your stories and go back and tell them again (taking turns like the last time), but THIS time EXAGGERATE your story. Make it really unbelievable, but somehow related to your scar. For example, if you tell your friend about a tiny bump you got after a bee stung you, the second time tell the story of how you bravely fought a mountain lion and somehow escaped with a tiny scratch! Try to "one-up" the stories your friend told (like an example would be saying "You got attacked by a lion? That's nothing-- when I fought a lion it just scratched me. My scar came from something REALLY dangerous -- fighting off Jackie Chan!")

 The Real Story

 The Exaggerated Story


Pick out some favorite stories. Act out the "real" scar story first (the boring one). One of you should be the person with the scar, and the other should be what causes the scar. In slow motion and without talking, tell the story of how the scar was formed in pantomime (that means by letting your movement and facial expressions tell the story). Then change characters (if you need to) and act out the exaggerated story (do not really touch each other, and still move in slow motion without talking).


Which version (truth or exaggeration) did you like best? Why? If you were meeting someone for the first time, which story would you tell, truth or fiction (the lie), and why?

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