Here's how to play...



You and your partner should stand facing each other. One of you should introduce an imaginary friend to your real friend. Describe what your imaginary friend looks like, does for a living, where he/she lives, what they like to eat, and enjoy doing for fun (for example: "My imaginary friend has 2 noses, he's a plumber from the moon, he loves to eat cars and sometimes he plays miniature golf").


The other person should introduce themselves AS THAT CHARACTER that was just described! For example, if your friend gives you the description above, you might walk around sneezing and inhaling at the same time and talk about the price of plumbing on the moon and how hard it is to play golf in such low gravity. Move like this character. What kind of voice do they have? Tell your friend 3 things that happened to you today.


Still as this weird character, introduce another friend (maybe a friend of your weird character's who they just ran into at the Laundromat), which the next person gets to act out. How many characters can you make together? Have someone watch and count for you.

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