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Break the group into two smaller groups. Each group should create a realistic scene that shows a situation IN SCHOOL where one main character of the group feels anxiety. Anxiety is what you feel when something bad could happen to you (it's like fear, but there's more to it). Try not to produce terror, terror is when you go nuts because something just disgusting and unbelievable has happened. This scene can only work if you're enacting a situation where you are overly/unnecessarily afraid of something.

How to do it:

Pick one specific place in school (the cafeteria, a class you all have) and specific characters (yourself, a teacher you know, a friend). Remember, you are creating a scene that shows something that might really happen. Try the following scene topics: Asking someone to prom, taking a big test, wearing a new shirt in a different style for the first time. Try the following opening line: "I can't believe it."

Take time to create your scenes, like about 5 minutes.


Show each other these scenes. Set up a space where one group sits and is the audience while the other group performs. The audience should identify moments where they see the characters show anxiety in their bodies, voices, and words and discuss them after the scene.


Replay the scenes, but now we'll do it as a WORRY. Worry is thinking over and over about what might happen in an anxious situation. And thinking and thinking and thinking about it!

Use the same scenes you just did, but this time have the main character of the group narrate the action (tell the story of the worry standing next to the action). The scene can jump around in time because worries do (for example, the narrator might say, "I can't believe I'm asking him out. What if he says no? What if he makes fun of my nose in front of the whole school? And then the teacher might walk by and expel me from school for being such a big-nose. What if he says no?) The scene should end with the ABSOLUTE WORST thing that could happen in that situation. Your scenes can be as crazy as your worries.

Take 5 more minutes to change scenes into worries.


Show these worry scenes.


Why are these worry scenes funny?

Kitty Wants a Corner No Worries VCR Nightmare

Conductor (Mr. Holland from Mars) Status Poker

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