EPE 348: Psychological Skills for Optimal Performance

Instructor:  Rafer Lutz, M.S
12:15 – 1:30 TTH 06650  ED 238 Final Exam:  Tuesday, May 9th: 12:20 – 2:10pm

Instructor:  Shawn Arent, M.S.
1:40 – 2:55  TTH 02459  ED 250 Final Exam:  Thursday, May 4th: 12:20 – 2:10pm

Instructor Information
Office:  PE East 168
Office Hours:  See Instructor
Phone:  965-4676
Email: sarent@asu.edu   rafer@asu.edu

Prerequisites:  None

Catalog Description
Application of psychological techniques and their use to improve effectiveness and performance in sport and related areas (e.g., exercise and wellness, music, and academics).

Course Objectives
Students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of applied sport psychology techniques
2. Demonstrate more effective daily living skills
3. Demonstrate knowledge of basic theory and concepts that are the foundation of applied sport psychology

Texts and Readings
1. Martens:  Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology
2. Miner, Shelley, & Henschen:  Moving Toward Your Potential: The Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance
3. Handouts and Articles

Each exam will be worth 40 points.  Exams will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Exams will only cover material presented since the prior exam.

You the student are responsible for getting all missed material, announcements, and assignments.

Case Studies –  Case studies will often be completed in class as group projects.  Case studies may be started in class then taken home to be completed individually.  The take-home case studies will be due in class one week later.

Homework – Several assignments are to be completed outside of class. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late Homework WILL NOT be accepted.

In-class assignments – Assignments will often be given during class time and turned-in at the end of class.  In-class assignments cannot be made up.  However, extra credit is available to make up for some missed assignments.

Psychological Skills Project
Complete directions will be passed out during the semester.  The assignment is due IN CLASS on April 25th.

Extra Credit
Extra credit will consist of participation in an approved research project or other instructor approved project.  Details will be provided later in the semester.

Grading Scale

% of Grade     Points             Graded
20                  40                  Midterm #1
20                  40                  Midterm #2
20                  40                  Final
20                  40                  Psychological Skills Program
15                  30                  Case Studies, Homework, and In-Class Assignments
  5                  10                  Class Participation
                        5 possible     Extra Credit


Points      Grade
180-200     A
160-179     B
140-159     C
120-139     D
< 120         E


Date     Day         Topic                                                                                     Martens             Miner
18-Jan     T         Introduction / Overview
20-Jan     TH      Time Management
25-Jan     T         Goal Setting                                                                                 Ch. 10                 Ch. 2
27-Jan     TH      Building Self-Efficacy Through Effective Goal Setting
1-Feb      T         Motivation & Attributions                                                             Ch. 2
3-Feb      TH      Case Study
8-Feb      T         The Peak Performance State                                                                                   Ch. 1
10-Feb    TH       Improving Self-Talk                                                                                               Ch. 7
15-Feb    T          Case Study
17-Feb    TH       Midterm #1
22-Feb    T          Stress / Anxiety / Arousal                                                                                       Ch. 3
24-Feb    TH       Stress / Anxiety / Arousal
29-Feb    T          Relaxation Training                                                                     pp. 119-126        Ch. 4
2-Mar      TH       Imagery Application                                                                     Ch. 6                 Ch. 6
7-Mar      T         Attention / Concentration                                                                                        Ch. 5
9-Mar      TH      Case Study  ASSIGN PROJECT
14-Mar    T                                                 SPRING BREAK 
16-Mar    TH                                              SPRING BREAK
21-Mar    T         Hypnosis
23-Mar    TH      Preparing for Competition / Preperformance Routines                     Ch. 8
28-Mar    T         Dealing With Problem Athletes: Eating Disorders & Drug Use
30-Mar    TH      Evaluating Your Progress / Keeping a Sport Journal                                                Ch. 9
4-Apr       T         Midterm #2
6-Apr       TH      Dealing With Injuries & Injured Athletes
11-Apr     T         Project Workshop
13-Apr     TH      Character Development & Sportspersonship
18-Apr     T         Group Dynamics: Building Team Cohesion                                     Ch. 3
20-Apr     TH      Group Dynamics: Audience Effects & Social Loafing
25-Apr     T         Case Study   PROJECT DUE
27-Apr     TH      Using Sport Psychology for Evil: Psyching Out Your Opponents
2-May      T         Putting It All Together
Shawn's Class  Final Exam:  Thursday, May 4th: 12:20-2:10pm ED 250
Rafer's Class  Final Exam:  Tuesday, May 9th: 12:20-2:10pm ED 238