EPE 494 Psychology, Physical Activity, and Health

Instructor:    Dr. Jennifer L. Etnier
Office:         PEBW 205
Office Phone:   965-7042
Office Hours:  TTH 9:00-10:30
Text:  Sarafino, E. P. (1998).  Health Psychology:  Biopsychosocial Interactions (3rd Ed.).  New York:  John Wiley & Sons
Course meets:  TTH 1:40-2:55 Farmer Building 200

Course description:    A biopsychosocial perspective is used to examine the interrelationships between physical activity and health (physical and mental).  Particular attention will be paid to the topics of obesity, stress, chronic illness, and the psychodynamics of rehabilitative medicine.

Your responsibilities:  You are responsible for reading the assignment prior to each class period.  You are responsible for the lecture material provided each day.  It is expected that you will attend class regularly, that you will be punctual for the class, and that you will verbally participate in the class discussions.  It is also expected that if you are having any difficulty with any portion of the course, you will seek help from the instructor.

Class Participation & Attendance (4%)
Students are expected to attend and  participate in class discussions.  Attendance will be taken and unexcused absences will impact negatively the student?s class participation and attendance grade.   If at all possible, absences should be cleared with the instructor ahead of time.  Students are permitted two unexcused absences.

Quizzes (8%): At the commencement of most class periods, students will answer 1-2 questions directly related to the assigned reading for that class period. Each quiz will begin promptly at the start of the class period.  If students arrive late for class but before the time limit has expired, they may use the remaining time to answer.  If students arrive after the time limit has expired, they will not be allowed to take the quiz nor to make it up at a later time.

Exams (88%):  We will have 4 exams which will be equally weighted. Missed exams cannot be made up (zero points) without arranging this with the instructor within one week of the start of the 5-week session or having a properly documented excuse (e.g., physician?s excuse).  Exams will be a combination of multiple-choice, short answer, and essay.

The assigned readings will be available in the reserve section at Noble library.

Grades are assigned on a normal 10-pt scale.
That is, 89.5-100 is an A, 79.5-89.49 is a B, 69.5-79.49 is a C, etc.

Course Schedule to have read for:

Date     Topic that day's class
8/24     Hand out syllabus, Introduction
8/26     How health issues have changed                      Chap 1
8/31     Health Psychology v Exercise Psychology?
9/02     Health-Related Behavior (Theory)                   Chap 6
9/07     Promotion of Physical Activity
9/09     Using Health Services                                      Chap 9
9/14     The hospital/health care experience                  Chap 10
9/16     Finish Chap 10 /Review
9/21     EXAM #1
9/23     Improving Nutrition, Weight Control, Diet        Chap 8
9/28     Physical Activity & Obesity                              Brownell & Rodin
9/30     Body Image and Related Concepts                   Leary et al.
10/5     Addictive Behaviors                                         Chap 7
10/7     Eating Disorders                                               Petrie & Stoever
10/12     Exam #2
10/14     The Immune System/The Endocrine System   Chap 2
10/19     The Nature of Stress (Definitions)                  Chap 3
10/21     The Nature of Stress (Impact, Sources)
10/26     Stress and Disease I                                      Chap 4
10/28     Stress and Disease II
11/02     Physical Activity and Stress (Management)    Chap 5
11/04     Stress Management                                       Whelan
11/09     Exam #3
11/11     VETERAN'S DAY
11/16     The theoretical basis of pain                           Chap 11
11/18     Managing and Controlling Physical Pain         Chap 12
11/23     Serious and Disabling Chronic Illness             Chap 13
11/30     Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, and Aids       Chap 14
12/02     Physical Activity and Cancer                          Lee
12/07     Physical Activity and AIDS                            Lox
12/09     Reading Day
12/16     Exam #4 12:20-2:10

Caveat.  This course schedule and the course guidelines are all subject to change.  It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any and all changes.