Arizona State University

EPE 598:  Stress Management


This course reviews various physiological and psychological approaches for dealing with stress. Controlling stress and tension is a major factor in health as well as job productivity and job satisfaction. Comprehensive stress management addresses all issues that pertain to our physiology, our cognitions, and our environment.


This course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to reduce the detrimental effects of one by-product of modern society excess stress and tension. It is a holistic approach designed to acquaint the individual with theory as well as techniques to deal with stress from a physical, psychological, and environmental perspective.

The course objectives are to:

1. Understand the nature of the human stress response
2. Identify the sources of stress in your life
3. Learn and apply techniques to deal with stress
4. Understand the nature of various stress-related illnesses
5. Design a stress management workshop
6. Apply all stress management techniques in your personal life as well as present and future work settings



1. Regular attendance and participation in all classes and activities
2. Readings in text and related literature
3. Oral presentation on a Stress related illness a ten minute oral presentation on a topic of your choice
4. A ten minute relaxation tape utilizing several different techniques write and produce a relaxation tape.
    This tape could be designed for your present or future work setting or for personal use. Feel free to use all your creativity.
5. A one to two hour Stress Management Workshop presented to a group of 5-10 individuals. Provide lesson plans,
    materials used, audio-visual materials and appropriate evaluations.
6. A written final exam format to be essay style

The following points are possible in each area:

Attendance               50 pts
Oral Presentation    100 pts
Relaxation Tape        50 pts
Stress Workshop    100 pts
Final Exam              200 pts

Total Possible          500 pts

Grading will be: A = 450-500 pts
                         B = 400-449 pts
                         C = 350-399 pts
                         D = 300-349 pts
                         E = <300 pts

Each topic will be covered as extensively as time allows. Each Class will consist of a brief lecture, experiential exercises, and class participation. Please read assignments before coming to class and be prepared to share your knowledge and insights gained from your readings.

Films, guest speakers, and class activities will supplement class lectures and discussions. The nature of the course work requires both your attendance and participation.


Week 1                       Introductions review of Syllabus
                                    Stress Management Activity
                                    Video: Stress Management

Week 2                       Basic Concepts of Stress vs. Wellness
                                    Definition, Anatomy, and Physiology of Stress
                                    The Stress Response
                                    Symptoms of Stress
                                    Stress Assessment Instruments
                                    Stress and Illness
                                    Sources of Stress

Week 3                       Interventions to Relieve The Physical Symptoms of Stress
                                    Body Scanning, Diaphragmatic Breathing, Introduction to Biofeedback, Exercise Regimes

Week 4                       Several Biofeedback Modalities
                                    Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation
                                    Visualization and Imagery for Performance Enhancement

Week 5                       Self Hypnosis Meditation Pharmacological Treatments for Stress

Week 6                       Presentation Of Oral Reports on Stress Related Illness

Week 7                       Stress Related Psychological Disorders, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Psychosomatic Disorders

Week 8                       Guest Speakers Environmental Adaptation
                                    Massage Therapy
                                    Nutrition & Exercise

Week 9                       Interventions To Relieve Stress From your Mind
                                    Cognitive Theories, Distorted Thinking Styles,
                                    Concept of The Hardy Personality

Week 10                     Thought Stopping Self Esteem Type A Personality
                                    Performance Anxiety

Week 11                     Interventions To Relieve Stress From Your Environment
                                    Life Stages Your Personal Environment Relationship Stress
                                    Analysis Assertiveness Training Exercise Stress

Week 12                    Time Management Dealing With Change Job Stress Gender
                                    And Stress The Superperson Syndrome

Week 13                    Catch Up Day Discussion of Stress Workshops and Relaxation Tapes
                                    Turn in Stress Workshop Materials and Relaxation Tape

Week 14                     Last Class!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    Review For Final

Week 15                     Final In Class