Thoughts on energy

Iíd like to recommend 2 books

"Physics for Future Presidents" by Robert Muller
"Sustainable Energy - without the hot air" by David MacKay

The Physics Facts

Electricity canít be stored (except in a limited way in batteries which is why battery development is so important for energy conservation in transportation)
Electricity supply and demand have to match exactly at all times
Electricity canít be economically transmitted over distances greater than about 250 miles


1) Conservation

Has to be done anyway.
Biggest impact: Building design, proper insulation, use natural light, evap rather than air conditioning, heat pumps rather than furnaces, solar hot water,
limited solar photovoltaics

2) Coal

Carry on as usual, unless you are really scared that the CO2 emissions will end life as we know it

3) Nuclear

The only way to meet baseline electricity load without generating megatons of CO2. Need to get over irrational fears.

4) All freeze in winter or roast in summer.