William A. Griffin, Ph.D.William A. Griffin, Ph.D.



Co-Director, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity

Email: william.griffin@asu.edu

Telephone: (480)965-6713
Fax: (480)965-6779


  • BA - Psychology - 1977, Auburn University
  • MS - Family Studies/ Gerontology - 1979, Virginia Tech
  • PhD - Family Studies / Marriage & Family Therapy - 1982, Texas Tech
  • NIMH Post Doctoral Fellow - [Family Process & Psychopathology] - 1985-1988, University of Virginia (Psychology); University of Washington (Psychology)

Research Interests:

  • Observation, assessment, and analysis of behavioral interaction
  • Agent Based Modeling of marital couple interaction and children's play group formation
  • Agent Based Modeling of water consumption within households in the Southwestern US
  • Applying complexity models to behavioral interactions

Current Research Projects:

  • Agent Based Modeling of dyadic and group processes
  • Hidden Markov Models and Pattern Recognition in micro-social interaction
  • Entropy estimations of complex micro-social interactions
  • Patterned affect expression during dyadic interaction
  • Post divorce father-child and couple interaction

Additional information and material:


  • Graduate: Dynamical Complex Social Systems  
  • Graduate: Dysfunctional Marriage and Family Relationships
  • Graduate: Clinical Supervision