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University. ASU is one of the premier metropolitan public research universities in the nation. Enrolling more than 63,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on three campuses in metropolitan Phoenix, ASU maintains a tradition of academic excellence in core disciplines, and has become an important global center for innovative interdisciplinary teaching and research.



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Teaching and research in climatology at ASU are conducted within the School of Geographical Sciences. Geography has a long and strong tradition at ASU, as it was taught from the day the school opened in 1886 and remains an important part of the curriculum today. There are approximately 182 majors in the undergraduate program and approximately 70 graduate students working on MA and PhD degrees. The school’s web page provides detailed information about the discipline of geography, the program, courses, faculty, and students.





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The climatology program is rooted in the Office of Climatology, a teaching and research facility established within the School of Geographical Sciences in 1973. The facilities provide a unique setting that encourages interaction among faculty, staff, and students. There are four full-time climate faculty members within the Office and approximately 52 undergraduates and 10 graduate students enrolled in the climate program.



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Within the Office of Climatology is the Office of the Arizona State Climatologist, a service and research facility that was also established in 1973 and serves as the center of operations for the governor-appointed State Climatologist. For information about the climate of Arizona, obtaining data, or requesting an interview, please follow the link to the web page for the state climate office below.



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