Meet one of the world's most unique science and tech experts: Ben Alonzo

"Ben's an extremely unique scientist with a diverse background in science and tech. He promotes sound science and high-quality education. We need more like him to survive the future."
- Kate | IBM USA

Ben's Mission

1. Promote Sound Science

Sound science can address our nation's science, technology, engineering, and math deficiencies. Sound science reduces the amount of junk science, failed ideologies, and increases critical thinking capacity.

2. High-Quality Education

Our nation's infrastructure, economy, healthcare, and best jobs will require a minimum level of science and technology skills. Science and technology should be taught by competent educators as early as possible, among all age groups.

3. Sound Science in Government

Our local, state, and federal policies should be rooted in nothing but sound science. Science has proven its utility for nearly all aspects of our lives. Our best decisions are informed decisions made by people utilizing sound science.

Ben's Background

High-Level Education

Ben holds an MS in Geoscience, MS in Health & Nutrition, MS in Information Technology, and a BS in Geoscience.

He has over 300 college credit hours, loves learning, and has a passion for teaching.

His education spans a wide variety of fields, including earth and space science, climatology, meteorology, public health, emergency medical science, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, emergency management, information technology, internet, web development, computer programming, and geographic information systems.

Alonzo is a current graduate student at Arizona State University's College of Health Sciences, where he researches biomedical sciences.

Diverse Experience

Ben's diverse background includes over a 15 years of experience in healthcare, computer programming, severe weather forecasting, network and server management, enterprise desktop systems, consumer electronics, emergency preparedness and response, technical writing, communications, and higher education.

Alonzo is a highly-rated professor that teaches numerous courses at multiple colleges, including earth science, oceanography, environmental science, meteorology, and public health.

He holds numerous professional industry licenses and certifications, ranging from information technology to emergency medical technician and healthcare.

Sharing & Transforming

Scientists like Ben can help develop national policy, improve systems, and develop future technology that will help us live happier, healthier, and safer lives. Digital media is one of the most powerful ways to share information. Ben's written about science and tech for over ten years. He enjoys analyzing the latest current events from a scientific perspective.

"Our greatest problems require high-quality science. From climate, national security, education and healthcare to our power grid and economy, we need science now. I'm working hard to promote sound science and its utility in nearly every aspect of our lives."

"Science is a universal language that can bring people from around the world together."

- Ben Alonzo, MS

Government, educators, officials, news media, and citizens...

here's what you can do to help promote sound science:

Ben Alonzo and others like him need your help. There are several ways you can get involved, including offering server space, software, funding, interviews, paid advertisement, grants, and simply sharing links to our stories.

Over the next couple of months, Ben Alonzo will also be working on an important information and communications technology research project. This will take a look at what we're doing right/wrong in higher education, specifically within important basic science and technology matters, how we're preparing our students for the workplace, and their STEM proficiency. We know there are deficiencies within science and tech education, but more focused research can give us insight into how we fix this problem in as short of time as possible. We know this involves K-12 and college educators working together. We need all kinds of support.

If you receive one of our surveys, it's important that you answer it as truthfully as possible and complete all questions to the best of your knowledge. You can also help us by forwarding the survey to other educators, their departments, and their students. Follow the instructions given on the survey description.

You can also help by supporting Ben Alonzo's advertisers and articles. It's as simple as -- like, comment, and share to spread the word.

We also appreciate your positive feedback. Millions of scientists are working behind the scenes, around the world, and they often go without any notice or appreciation.

Thank you for your consideration!

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