1. Collective Behavior: Amplification

    How do little things combine to do big things? Collective behavior in living systems is fascinating and diverse: proteins collectively perform metabolism in your cells ...

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  2. Collective Cognition

    In the summer of 2014, I helped organize a working group at the Santa Fe Institute to explore the nascent field of collective cognition. We …

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  3. Biological Neural Networks

    In biology, we often find large collections of relatively simple interacting elements that combine to create complicated structures with complex behavior. Neural networks and gene …

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  4. Sloppy Models

    The biochemistry happening inside each one of your cells is amazingly complex. As an important example, take gene regulation. In the process of transcription and …

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  5. Fermi Liquids

    Why do metals behave like metals? Why are they good conductors of both electricity and heat? The answer to these questions has been known for …

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  6. Supercoiled DNA

    a plectoneme

    The nucleus of each of your cells contains a highly compacted and organized bundle of DNA, which, when stretched out to a line, would span …

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