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Bryan Daniels
Bryan Daniels leads the Collective Logic Lab. His research focuses on predictive modeling of collective behavior in biological systems using real-world data, combining concepts and tools from statistical physics, machine learning, statistical inference, dynamical systems, and information theory.
Diya Hamada: I am a sophomore Computer Science major at Arizona State University. I greatly enjoy collaborative work and problem-solving and am delighted to be furthering my exploration into the world of machine learning and data science with the Collective Logic Lab.
Diya Hamada
Ayomide Laguda
Ayomide Laguda: I am here to learn and contribute to the best of my abilities.
Alessandra Alvarado Lozada: I am a Peruvian student majoring in Business Analytics with a lot of interest in research studies and collecting data to analyze it.
Alessandra Alvarado Lozada
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Yunyi Zhu: I am an undergraduate student majoring in physics. I genuinely admire both the renowned masters and ordinary scholars who, in various fields of science and mathematics, build towering structures from the ground up and delve into the secrets of nature. This is also my pursuit. I enjoy observing and contemplating. My current research interest is collective behavior and self-organizing criticality. I am now modeling honeybee foraging behavior.

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