Fitz Randolph Coat-of- Arms

COAT-OF-ARMS. Argent a Chief indented azure.
CHREST. On a chapeau or, turned up azure, a wyvern of the last.
MOTTO. Jamais Arriere - Never behind
Coat-of-Arms. The whole heraldic achievement, shield, helmet, mantling and crest.
Crest. Object worn on helmet and attached to it by the wreath.
Chief. Upper part of the shield divided by a horizontal line.
Motto. Used to express a principle, goal or ideal.
argent. Silver - represents, nobility, peace, and serenity.
or Gold - Most excellent metal and exceeds all others in value.
Wyvern. Most valiant of horned creatures with a keen sense of sight which affords him the ability to guard riches and treasures..

This Coat-of-Arms registered as the ancestral arms of Edward Fitz Randolph the immigrant of 1630 was approved 13 June 1972 by the Committee on Heraldry, New England Historic Genealogical Society and is listed as number 625 in the Roll of Arms.

Burke's General Armory, 1884 gives this discription, "Fitz-Randolf (Langton Hall, Co. Notts, 1614, and Chesterfield Co Derby, Edward Fitz Randolph. Visit Nots, 1614). "Ar. a chief indented az Crest - on a chapeau or, turned up az, a wyvern of the last.. This gives a description of identified with the Fitz Randolphs of Nottinghamshire and Spennithorne.

Ranulf Fitz Robert, 4th Lord of Middleham and Spennithorne, b. 1251, bore the arms of his grandfather Glanville, "argent, a chief indented azure. Crest, on a chapeau or turned up a wiverne of the last". His second son (our line) Ranulf bore the Arms of his grandfather Glanville. Ranulf's descendants in the male line contiued at Spennithorne until the early part of the 16th Century.

Ranulf de Glanville, Judiciary of Henry II 1181-85, took prisoner the Scotch King William the Lion at Alnwick in 1174 and thus for the first time Scotland and the Scottish church was brought under subjection to England.

Source of the Research materials:
Oris H. F. Randolph, (1980), "Edward Fitz Randolph Branch Lines and Allied Families and English and Norman Ancestry",Edwards Brothers, Inc, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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