K. Chang, P.L.K. Ding and B. Li, “Color image demosaicking using inter-channel correlation and nonlocal self-similarity”, Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 39, pp. 264-279. 2015.

Color Image Demosaicking Using Inter-channel

Correlation and Nonlocal Self-similarity

Kan Chang, Pak Lun Kevin Ding, Baoxin Li


Color demosaicking is used to reconstruct full color images from incomplete color filter array samples captured by cameras with a single sensor array. In reconstructing natural-looking images, one key challenge is to model and respect the statistics of natural images. This paper presents a novel modeling strategy and an efficient color demosaicking algorithm. The approach starts with joint modeling of the color images, which supports simultaneous representation of inter-channel correlation and structural information in an image. The inter-channel correlation is explored by measuring the channel difference signals in the gradient domain, while the structural information is explored by nonlocal low-rank regularization. An efficient algorithm is then proposed to solve the joint formulation, by dividing the minimization problem into two sub-problems and solving them iteratively. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated with extensive experiments on both noiseless and noisy datasets, with comparison with existing state-of-the-art color demosaicking methods.



Source Code

To facilitate further evaluation and exploration of the method proposed in the above paper, we publish the source code at this link.

You are free to use the source code provided that (1) you clearly cite the source; and (2) you do not make any redistribution of the code.