ENG 331: American Drama

Spring 2006


Instructor: Dr. Cajsa C. Baldini

W 6:05-8:55 PM Location:  BAC 324
E-mail: cajsa.baldini@asu.edu | Office LL 547D
Office hours Spring 2006: T 2:00-4:00 PM, W 1:00-3:00 PM
or by appointment.


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Guidelines: Oral presentation /Annotated Bibliography


Online readings

Aristotle, Poetics ( Section 1, Part IV-XI; Section 2, Part XII-XVIII; Section 3, Part XXVI)

Hunter, Robert, Androboros

Barker, James N., The Tragedy of Superstition

Adams, John Quincey, et al., "The Monroe Doctrine" (excerpt)

Mowatt, Anna Cora, Fashion, Or, Life in New York

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