ENG 355 | European Drama

Instructor: Cajsa C. Baldini, Department of English.

Online readings

Primary readings

Bullet Aristotle, The Poetics (HTML)
Bullet Machiavelli, The Prince
(Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 23)
Bullet Anonymous, Everyman

Secondary readings

Bullet Burnett, Anne (Classical Philology). "Medea as a Revenge Tragedy"
(PDF PDF) (optional reading)
Bullet Baldini, C. (Forum Italicum) "A Courtier or a Prince: Shakespeare's Richard II as a Dramatization of Conflicting Paradigms of Political Craftsmanship"
(PDF PDF)(optional reading)

Optional readings

Bullet Charles Nicholl, "Screaming in the Castle"

Assignment resources
Research Paper Assignment Sheet (PDF PDF) New!
Bullet See a sample research paper (PDF PDF) New!
Bullet Midterm Exam Study Guide (PDF PDF)
Bullet English Department Guide to Style
by Profs. Gregory Castle and Anita Obermeyer (PDF PDF)

Final Exam !
April 30-May 4 (midnight)

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Class Lectures

Bullet Introduction to Ancient Greek Tragedy
Bullet Introduction to Medieval Drama - Everyman
Bullet Introduction to Elizabethan Drama: Richard II
Bullet Richard II as a Dramatization of Conflicting Paradigms of of Political Craftmanship
Bullet Introduction to Moliere and Neo-Classical Comedy
Introduction to Aphra Behn's The Rover and the Politics of Gender
Bullet Introduction to Romantic Drama and PB Shelley's The Cenci New!

Audio Audio Resources

Bullet Summary of Moliere and Summary of Tartuffe (MP3)
Bullet Summary of Machiavelli's The Prince (MP3)

More audio resources will be published throughout the semester.


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