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Victorian Sensation Literature Fall 2002

ENG 329 (73566), 394 (09403): Fall 2002


This is the combined syllabus for ENG 329, Victorian Sensations, and ENG 394, Victorian Sensations Technology Lab. N.B. The Wednesday night technology lab sessions will normally last only an hour [6-7 pm]. However, students without access to the software otherwise may use the computers in the lab until 9 pm if they wish.

You should complete the readings in advance of the due date so that you are prepared to discuss them in class. We will divide the reading of the 4 novels so you should, for instance, be prepared to discuss the first half of Woman in White on the first day of discussion (9/12) and the entire novel on the second day of discussion (9/19).

Your grade will be based on the following:

20%: Contributions to class discussion and Webboard conferences
10%: Web resources exercise
10% Basic website exercise
10%: Sophisticated website with archival sources |
Cajsa Baldini's Sample hypertext edition
10% Powerpoint presentation. For resources click here.
10%: Access research notes database
30%: Final critical paper

All students are expected to post at least 6 questions to the group on the Webboard over the course of the semester. In addition, all are responsible for making at least one thoughtful response to Webboard questions each week before 12 pm on each Wednesday. You may ask questions about the use of the computer technology in addition to questions about the literary texts we will be reading, but you will be responsible for posting at least 6 questions about the literary material over the course of the 14-week semester.

See below for details about the assignments.

Date Topic Assignment
Wed. 8/28 Introduction to Humanities Computing
Thurs. 8/29 Introduction to Victorian Sensations
Wed. 9/4 Web Resources in the Humanities
Thurs. 9/5 Troubled Domestic Relationships Shelley, The Cenci
Introducory lecture (PP)
Wed. 9/11 Web Resources in the Humanities Web resources exercise due 1
Thurs. 9/12 Secret Madness Collins, Woman in White
Wed. 9/18 Constructing websites Introduction to Web Page Design
Assignment sheet here
Thurs. 9/19   Collins, Woman in White
Wed. 9/25 Constructing websites Basic website exercise due, 2
Thurs. 9/26 Madness and Murder

Browning, Selected Poems
"My Last Duchess"
"Childe Roland"
"Porphyria's Lover"
Supplementary: Browning bio and other interesting information

Wed. 10/2 Archival Sources: Scanning and editing
Thurs. 10/3

The Dangerous Wife

Lecture: Victorian Evangelicalism and Middle Class Morality (PP format)

Braddon, Lady Audley's Secret
Wed. 10/9 Archival Sources: Scanning and editing
Thurs. 10/10   Braddon, Lady Audley's Secret
Wed. 10/16 Presentations with Powerpoint: Presentation theory
PowerPoint Tutorial (MS PP format. View in Full screen mode)

Microsoft's own PP Tutorial (a bit flaky, but useful)
Complex website with archival material due 3
Thurs. 10/17 Domestic Unrest

Wood, East Lynne

Wed. 10/23

Adobe Photoshop: Logos and Image enhancement:

Basic Photo editing | Using filters | Other resources

Thurs. 10/24 The Ian Fletcher Memorial Lecture  
Wed. 10/30 Introduction to Access databases 101 In-class Powerpoint presentations begin 4
Thurs. 10/31 Sensational Journalism

Wood, East Lynne


Wed. 11/6 Cont. Access Database 101 In-class Powerpoint presentations cont. 4
Thurs. 11/7 Lecture: "Representing the Poor and Working Classes in Victorian Journalistic DiscourseRepresenting the Poor and Working Classes in Victorian Journalistic Discourse" (WebPP presentation)

"The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon"

"The Bitter Cry of Outcast London"

Wed. 11/13
Cont. Adobe Photoshop
Thurs. 11/14

Poverty and Legislature introduction

Discussion of "Bitter Cry" and "Maiden Tribute"


"The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon"

"The Bitter Cry of Outcast London"

Wed. 11/20 Securing a web folder (password protecting) Research Notes database due 5
Thurs. 11/21 Gothic Sensation

"The Whitechapel Horrors"
The Times articles

Stoker, Dracula

Wed. 12/4 no class
Thurs. 12/5   Stoker, Dracula
Fri. 12/13   Final critical research paper due 6

Explanations for assignments:

  1. In this exercise, you will be asked to answer approximately 15 research questions requiring research on the Worldwide Web. They will all be related to the topic of 19th-century sensationalism. Click here for assignment sheet.

  2. You will have reserved your webspace and uploaded a basic home page. You should submit the Web address of the home page to fulfill this assignment. Click here for assignment sheet.

  3. You should scan and copyedit a minimum of 2out-of-copyright archival resources (stories, essays, etc.), convert them to html, and upload and link to your home page. Submit the Web address of your home page to fulfill this assignment. Click here for assignment sheet. | Click here for Cajsa Baldini's Sample hypertext edition.

  4. You should give an in-class Powerpoint presentation of approximately 10 minutes in length. Once you have given the presentation and received feedback from classmates, you should attach an audio narrative to the Powerpoint presentation, convert it to html, and upload and link it to your home page.

  5. Create and submit on cd a simple research notes database in Access. It should contain notes and full citations (MLA format) from at least 8 sources (primary and secondary) that you will make use of for your final critical research paper. In technology lab, you will be asked to demonstrate that you know how to use Access filters and to generate a simple report.

  6. Write a critical research paper that makes use of at least 8 primary and secondary sources (topics will be given early in the semester so that your Powerpoint presentation and research notes database project can be built around the same research base). The final paper should be 10-12 pages in length and use MLA format. It should be converted to html and uploaded to the password-protected folder on your website. On the final day of class, submit the Web address for the paper and the ID and password allowing access to your protected folder.

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