The landscape plants in this Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants are aggregated into four groups by functional typology and landscape use. They are 1) trees and palms, 2) woody perennial shrubs including vines and ground covers, 3) cacti and succulents, and 4) herbaceous annuals, biennials and perennials including ornamental grasses.

Within each group, plants are arranged alphabetically by their most recent botanical latin scientific name. Common plant names are in parentheses. Authorities are not presented here as the principal objective of this website is to give information about landscape plant culture and use. Go to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System for more information about botanical authorities. The use of plant scientific names on this website follows as best as possible the ICN (International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants - Shenzhen Code 2018). The rules of the Shenzhen Code were approved by the International Botanical Congress (IBC). The next meeting of the IBC will be held in Madrid, Spain in 2024.

The breadth of information about each landscape plant consists of its basic taxonomy, place of origin, climate adaptability (11 zone USDA and 24 zone Sunset Western climate systems), landscape use, plant growth and reproductive habits and distinguishing charateristics, abiotic and biotic tolerances, best management practices, methods of propagation, digital images, relevant web links, and additional comments about unique aspects and observations that I have made over time.

All digital images, photos and any associated text information about the landscape plants described in this virtual library can not be used except with express written permission from me, Dr. Chris A. Martin. To obtain permission for personal, academic, commercial, or other uses, or to inquire about high resolution images, prints, fees, or licensing, or if you have other questions, contact me at

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