Scientific: Agave lophantha
Common: thorn crest century plant
Family: Asparagaceae (subfamily Agavoideae)
Origin: Chihuahuan Desert, south Texas into Chihuahua

Pronounciation: A-GA-ve lo-FAN-tha

Hardiness zones
USDA 8 - 11

Landscape Use: Strong accent, focal point, barrier plant for partially shaded to sunny sites in large desert gardens and xeric landscape design themes. Like other agaves, leaf tips are dangerously rigid and sharp and can can cause injury.

Form & Character: Evergreen perennial succulent, imposing, rigid, erect, stout, imposing, 'green'.

Growth Habit: Slow to 2 to 5 feet, quite variable in final size, strongly clumping forming multiple basal offshoots.

Foliage/texture: Flattened, strap-shaped succulent green leaves, sometimes curved or reflexed, margins toothed but not horny, foliage tapering to a deadly terminal spine, 5 feet long and 10 inches wide, leaves in a rosette pattern; very coarse texture.

Flowers & fruits: Thorn crest agave has greenish-yellow flowers on a long stalk. They are organized in a 12 feet spike during late spring or early summer of the year it flowers.

Seasonal color: None.

Temperature: Tolerant to 10oF

Light: Partial to full shade, avoid western sun and western exposures in Phoenix.

Soil: Well-drained best

Watering: None once established, especially during winter and if growing in the shade.

Pruning: Some for safety reasons might consider tip pruning the pointed stiff 'dagger like' leaf apexes.

Propagation: Seed and division of basal off shoots.

Disease and pests: Root rot if soil is wet.

Additional comments: In Phoenix, thorn crest century plant is a striking and out of the ordinary 'green' agave for medium to large spaces that offer some protection from the intense western summer sun.