Scientific: Aloe brevifolia
Common: Jewelled aloe, short-leaf aloe
Family: Asphodelaceae (formerly Xanthorrhoeaceae)
Origin: South Africa

Pronounciation: AL-o bre-ve-FOL-ee-a

Hardiness zones
12 and 13 (with protection), 16-24
USDA 9 (with protection)-11

Landscape Use: Small-scale strongly clumping aloe for textural accent in open partially shaded border areas, small scale ground cover or edging plant for succulent or rock gardens, great patio container plant, rock gardens.

Form & Character: Succulent, clumping, mounding, stiff, tight and pokey.

Growth Habit: Evergreen, herbaceous perennial that spreads very slowly by surface stems. Foliage might extend to 1 foot above the ground surface.

Foliage/texture: Basal clumps of succulent, pointed triangular green leaves, strongly serrated. Young leaves and leaves that are nutrient or drought stressed have reddish tinge, coarse texture.

Flowers & fruits: Beautiful orange flower spikes to several feet tall; fruits are green and multi-carpulate, not showy.

Seasonal color: Brilliantly colored orange flower spikes during fall and late winter/early spring.

Temperature: Intolerant of freezing temperatures.

Light: Light shade and/or protection from western sun is best in Phoenix.

Soil: Tolerant

Watering: Infrequent irrigations are important especially during extended perioids of no rainfall in the desert.

Pruning: Like most aloes, pruning consists of only removing dead flower stalks in spring after bloom. Otherwise divide this little aloe every few years to re-invigorate your plant, as well as have propagules to spread around the yard and share with friends.

Propagation: Division of clumps every few years.

Disease and pests: None

Additional comments: This is truly a wonderful, small, densely-clumping aloe for smaller open spaces where its unique textural qualities can be showcased. Attracts hummingbirds when in bloom.