Scientific: Cylindropuntia arbuscula
Common: pencil cholla
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Sonoran Desert

Pronounciation: Ca-lin-dr-o-pun-TEE-a ar-bus-CU-la

Hardiness zones
USDA 8-11

Landscape Use: Desert gardens, Sonoran Desert habitat restoration, accent, barrier, screen.

Form & Character: Upright and branched, imposing yet delicate.

Growth Habit: Slowly upright and branched to 7 feet with less than equal spread.

Foliage/texture: Segmented, cylindrical stems to 2 inches wide, stem segments to 2 feet long, stems grayish green, aeroles with a least 4 spines, most very short, occassional one spine might extend to 1 inch long; medium fine texture.

Flowers & fruits: Flowers brownish yellow, fruit elongated to 1.5 inches in length, fleshy, ripens to a greenish purple color.

Seasonal color: Flowers in April and May.

Temperature: Hardy

Light: Full sun

Soil: Tolerant

Watering: None

Pruning: Limited pruning, only to control spread.

Propagation: Stem cuttings, easy direct stick into place.

Disease and pests: None

Additional comments: This is a less imposing cholla (e.g., less chance to get impaled or otherwise stuck) for moderate to large scale desert plantings.