Scientific: Dalea pulchra
Common: indigo bush
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Found on gravelly slopes, 2,000 to 5,000 ft elevation in southeastern Arizona and northern Sonora.

Pronounciation: Da-LEE-a POOL-kra

Hardiness zones:
Sunset 11-13
USDA 8-11

Landscape Use: Medium-sized xeriscape shrub for medium to large scale drip-irrigated landscaped areas.

Form & Character: Evergreen shrub, semi-prostrate and spreading, refined and light in appearance, almost delicate.

Growth Habit: Moderate 4 to 5 feet height with equal spread.

Foliage/texture: Green small pinnately compound leaves, occasionally silvery tomentose; delicate fine texture.

Flowers & fruits: Clusters of small magenta pink flowers, fruit inconspicuous.

Seasonal color: Profusion of light magenta pink flowers during Spring (note that D. frutescens looks very similar but blooms during late summer and early fall).

Temperature: Tolerant, hardy to 15oF.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Well drained

Watering: Tolerates much drought once established. Water infrequently during summer to prevent excessive leaf drop as this plant is adjusts to dry conditions by shedding foliage.

Pruning: Prune with hand held pruners to control shape. Do not shear ---- but if you feel you must, then please do so infrequently and very lightly.

Propagation: Seed and cutting

Disease and pests: Root rot if drainage is poor.

Additional comments: Informal looking shrub that is great for xeriscape landscapes. Indigo bush makes a great contrast plant when placed in the landscape next to Encelia farinosa (brittle bush). There are 12 species of Dalea that are used in Arizona landscaping.