Scientific: Eremophila polyclada x divaricata 'Summertime Blue'
Common: summertime blue emu bush
Family: Myoporaceae (Scrophulariaceae)
Origin: Hybrid of two species of Eremophila found in inland areas of Australia.

Pronounciation: Air-e-mo-FI-la pol-ee-CLA-da die-var-i-KAY-ta

Hardiness zones
8, 9, 14-24
USDA 9-11 (arid and semi arid regions are best)

Landscape Use: Large informal accent shrub, screening plant, hummingbird gardens

Form & Character: Upright and cascading like a fountain, sprawling, loose, and informal.

Growth Habit: Evergreen semi-woody perennual, moderate after transplanting into the landscape. Once established, moderate to 6 to 10 feet in height with somewhat greater spread. Sparse to later full.

Foliage/Texture: Alternate arrangement, bright green simple, sessile linear leaves to 1 inch long on green stems, wirey; fine texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Light blue, axillary and tubular on short curved peduncle which holds 1 inch long flowers upright, profuse, reddish. Fruit inconspicuous.

Seasonal Color: Colorful light blue flowers in March and April.

Temperature: Hardy to 23oF

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Extremely salt and alkaline tolerant, needs good drainage.

Watering: Tolerates some aridity.

Pruning: Shear lightly in summer to fall if needed; otherwise mostly leave alone and control growth by regulating irrigation rates.

Propagation: Semi-hardwood cuttings root easily

Disease and pests: None

Additional comments: This unique hybrid shrub definitely is 'free spirited'. It performs best if given ample space to 'do it's thing'. Attracts hummingbirds.