Scientific: Leucophyllum pruinosum
Common: bubble gum sage
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Origin: Chihuahuan Desert

Pronounciation: Lou-co-FIL-lum pru-in-OO-sum

Hardiness zones:
Sunset 7-24
USDA 8-11

Landscape Use: Accent, a great small informal hedge or screening plant for xeric landscape design themes.

Form & Character: Evergreen shrub that might become partially deciduous during the coldest of Phoenix winters, rounded to irregular, dry looking.

Growth Habit: Moderate growth rate, 4 to 8 feet in height with near equal spread.

Foliage/texture: Small to 1 inch long, nearly deltoid shaped leaves, somewhat tomentose though not nearly as extensive as L. zygophyllum; medium fine texture.

Flowers & fruits: Many axillary purple flowers that are fragrant smelling like grape bubble gum bloom on new wood; fruits inconspicuous.

Seasonal color: Flowers episodically during warm season, peak flowering in late summer to early fall.

Temperature: Tolerant, plant can go partially deciduous during winter though not near as much as L. frutescens.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Bubble gum sage prefers alkaline soil, and like other Leucophyllum species, the soil must drain well.

Watering: In Phoenix, no supplemental water is needed by bubble gum sage during winter.  Irrigate sparingly during summer to supplement monsoon rains.

Pruning: Like L. Frutescens, prune to shape and can be severely prune to near ground in late February to early March. This is another one of the meat ballers and beer keggers plants of choice to shear! PLEASE!!! Prune bubble gum sage like other Leucophyllum species only once per year (in late February) and then irrigate with less water to slow the rate of growth and promote a natural form.

Propagation: Seed and cutting (softwood or semi-hardwood). Occasionally will reseed in urban landscapes.

Disease and pests: Texas root rot

Additional comments: All in all, L. pruninosum it is somewhat less vigorous than L. frutescens and is thus more apt to be a better fit for smaller landscape spaces. The subtle flower fragrance of this shrub gives it an added dimension of use around highly trafficked areas; it can bring a sweet fragrance to an entire garden area. Bubble gum sage attracts humans, bees, butterflies and/or birds because of the fragrant flowers (what a great shrub for enhancing any desert garden!). The varietal selection Sierra bouquet, is a popular and superior selection with a dense habit that reaches an untrained height of 6 feet with equal spread. This varietal selction was developed by Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, Arizona.