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Scientific: Limonium perezii (Synonym: Statice perezii)
Common: statice, sea lavender, seafoam statice, marsh rosemary
Family: Plumbaginaceae
Origin: Canary Islands

Pronounciation: Li-mo-NEE-um pe-REZ-ee-i

Hardiness zones
13 (as a cool season annual), 15-17, 20-27
USDA 9 (as a winter annual)-11 (as a perennial)

Landscape Use: Accent subshrub for landscape borders and flower gardens, used primarily as a cool season annual in Phoenix, in coastal sections of California it is used as a herbaceous perennial.

Form & Character: Most dense rounded and clumpling, but upright, wispy and open when in bloom, blue color dominates evoking a 'beachside' experience.

Growth Habit: A rounded and moderately slow clumping, herbaceous perennial to 12- to 18-inches (sans taller flower stalks) tall and up to 3 feet in diameter.

Foliage/Texture: Dull green, simple, ovate leaves, somewhat revolute margins, on elongated reddish petioles, to 3-inches long, leaves densely arranged in a quasi-rosetteing fashion in a basal clump; medium texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Profuse array of small flowers, calyx blue purple and petals white not extending past the calyx, flowers borne on branched stalks to 3-feet tall. Flowers are persistent. Fruits are inconspicuous.

Seasonal Color: Late winter and spring garden color in Phoenix.

Temperature: 30o to 100oF range is best.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Tolerant of all soil textures as long as they are well drained, but grows best in light sandy soils.

Watering: Supplement if winter rains fail.

Pruning: None, except to remove spent flower stalks or divide to renew plant vigor

Propagation: Seed germinates best if soil temperature are greater than 60oF, root division of basal clumps

Disease and Pests: Prone to root rot in poorly drained heavy wet clay soils, brown snails in coastal California

Additional comments: Able to grow in a wide array of conditions from coastal ocean salt spray to desert heat. Profusion of blue flowers primarily in winter and spring should be valued. Flowers are often used in cut flower arrangements.