Scientific: Maireana sedifolia
Common: desert snow bush, cotton bush, pearl bluebush
Family: Chenopodiaceae
Origin: An Australian endemic

Pronounciation: My-ear-e-AN-a sed-i-FOL-ee-a

Hardiness zones
USDA 9-11 (arid regions only)

Landscape Use: Shrub border textural and color accent, desert gardens, container plant, oasis and xeric landscape design motifs, cut flower arrangements, bonsai.

Form & Character: Light, bright, white, and tight....not agressive, loosely upright and rounded.

Growth Habit: Evergreen perennial shrub, moderately slow to 5 feet in height with slightly less that equal spread.

Foliage/texture: Leaves are small and succulent, less than one inch long, linear to slightly rounded, densley tomentose, silvery white; medium fine texture.

Flowers & fruits: Small paired flowers are pale pink to tan and barely noticeable; fruits inconspicuous.

Seasonal color: None

Temperature: Tolerant of both Phoenix summer heat and winter cold.

Light: Full sun for sure. Shrub vigor is reduced when located in a shady site.

Soil: Tolerant, as long as well drained.

Watering: Infrequent, but regular supplemental water is neccesary year around for survival in Phoenix landscape settings.

Pruning: Occassional heading cuts to promote rounded form is all that is ever needed.

Propagation: Seed, softwood stem or root cuttings, difficult to root.

Disease and pests: Root rot in poorly drained soils.

Additional comments: In the Phoenix area, this is a relatively rarely seen Australian endemic. It is a wonderful accent shrub in a landscape when colors of bluish gray and white are desired. Buy it and try it if you can find it!