Scientific: Malephora lutea
Common: yellow ice plant, Rocky Point ice plant
Family: Aizoaceae
Origin: South Africa

Pronounciation: Mal-e-FOR-a LU-tee-a

Hardiness zones
USDA 9-11

Landscape Use: Xeric ground cover, mass accent, street side, freeway plantings, erosion control.

Form & Character: Herbaceous perennial, procumbent, spreading, bright.

Growth Habit: Moderate growth rate, 1 inch tall with a 6 feet spread.

Foliage/Texture: Opposite and slightly united basally, bright green, succulent, semi-hemispherical to cylindrical, smooth fleshy leaves 1.5 inches long; medium texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Small yellow flowers to 1 inch in diameter, fruits are an inconspicuous cap.

Seasonal Color: Yellow blooms often, mostly during spring.

Temperature: No freezing temperatures, but heat loving...that is until its get really hot....I mean REAL Phoenix hot.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Yellow ice plant needs a well drained soil. If drainage is poor then dieback is common. Sandy soils are best.

Watering: Will take moderate drought. Use supplemental water to control growth rate.

Pruning: To control spread only

Propagation: Cuttings

Disease and pests: Root rot in poorly drained soil

Additional comments: Yellow ice plant provides a great yellow ground cover during spring. But oh what a difference a generation makes. During the 1980s and 1990s this plant was popular in Phoenix as a winter accent succulent ground cover. Fast forward into the 21st century and no one grows it anymore.....times they do change and plants are sometimes like shoes, they go in and out of style.

Yellow ice plant flowers strongly attract bees. This ice plant will generally last only about 2 to 3 years in Phoenix landscapes because of the summer heat which in effect burns it up!