Scientific: Matthiola incana
Common: stock
Family: Brassicaceae (formally Cruciferae)
Origin: Mediterranean

Pronounciation: Mat-THI-o-la in-CA-na

Hardiness zones
8, 9, 12-24 as winter annual
USDA 9-11 as winter annual

Landscape Use: Mass color, bedding plant, cut flower, border, or edging plant.

Form & Character: Stock is an upright, hardy herbaceous perennial, old fashion garden plant.

Growth Habit: upright, 12 to 36 inches tall depending on cultivar.

Foliage/texture: Leaves tomentose gray green, oblong and sessile to 4 inches long; medium texture.

Flowers & fruits: Flowers single and double, white to lavender on terminal spikes, flowers are fragrant, Fruit are an elongated narrow green capsule.

Seasonal color: Winter and spring in Phoenix

Temperature: Hardy to 25oF, and best below 80oF. Above 95oF and stock suffers greatly.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Prefers slightly alkaline medium-textured soils with good drainage.

Watering: Regular watering best, will take some drought durin the Phoenix cool season of winter.

Pruning: Remove spent bloom spikes to encourage continued flowering.

Propagation: Seed, 85% doubles and 15% singles

Disease and pests: Nematodes

Additional comments: Stock is a dependable, winter annual for Phoenix flower borders. Best used in mass plantings where individual plants are spaced at 8 to 18 inches apart depending on plant vigor. Tissues are a source of omega-3-linolenic (18:3) fatty acid, known to reduce arteriosclerosis and chronic inflammatory heart disease.